DFCS Help was created due to the overwhelming need and desire of Georgia’s families that required but didn’t have a resource like this site. The majority of people who have dealt with the agency known as Division of Family and Children Services have resoundingly bad experiences and yet their is virtually nothing to be found online as to how to cope and navigate through this bureaucratic branch of the government.

When you have been contacted by DFCS it can at first seem like you are up against an entire branch of the government. On top of this, due to the size of the division things can often seem to move at a very slow pace, especially when you are unsure of the correct legal documents to complete or procedures to take (and in what order they must be accomplished).

The first step is to understand that you aren’t alone in feeling this way, and that many other families are experiencing the same inept situation that you are. One of the best pieces of advice we can offer is to get in touch with an experienced DFCS attorney who is familiar with the system and can show you how to navigate through the process.

Our diversified team found a calling to provide a resource dedicated to explaining and helping parents, relatives and families better understand DFCS and as you browse through the site you will find that all of the pages only discuss this arm of the department. This site does not discuss CPS or it’s many issues. To do that, we believe that a whole new website would be necessary and at some point in the future we may decide to create one.

In the meantime, if you are involved with DFCS in any way we invite you to read the articles found here, but we aware that this website by no means offers legal services or legal advice of any nature nor is it authorized or legally able to do so. This website is not a substitute for legal advice and if you want legal advice for your exact case we strongly recommend researching qualified DFCS attorneys and scheduling a consultation.

We invite you to post and share about your own experience with DFCS in order to help future families better contend and understand DFCS.